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How can you make a root canal a pleasant experience? Go to this office ... Everyone from front office to doc are approachable, friendly, and helpful.I was educated thoroughly before the procedure about everything I could expect, and was actually so comfortable during that I fell asleep. During a root canal!!!
Dr. Burton Coleman and Staff Members were exceptional! From scheduling my appointment to the completion of today’s visit they were so pleasant and professional. I highly recommend Heritage Endodontics!
Absolutely the nicest and most pleasant dental team I've had and I've had a lot of dental work over the years! Would definitely recommend to anyone in need of an endodontist! Thank you Dr. Coleman, Amanda and I'm sorry I don't know the sweet receptionist's name!
Dr. Coleman is a very knowledgeable and transparent person who tells it straight and honest. I recommend his service to everyone who wants to be treated by a class act who cares about the individual.
Was worried about having my first root canal but this place did an awesome job and made me feel comfortable the whole time. Would recommend to anyone. Great work
I highly recommend Dr Coleman and staff. Very friendly, caring and honest. Great place!!
Great experience. They took the time to explain everything and give forewarning about what I might encounter.
Have you ever heard anyone say “I’d rather go to a doctor than a dentist!” It’s just difficult to be comfortable with people that work on your teeth or gums. At Heritage Endodontics you can set those worries to the side. Dr. Coleman and his entire staff are the very best and cared for my needs above and beyond all expectations. I may have actually gone to sleep during a recent root canal. It was that uneventful and to be honest, almost boring. I love these folks!
Thank you to all the staff at Heritage Orthodontics. My root canal was a success. I was kept comfortable, safe, and even had a few laughs. I had a wonderful experience and I am so thankful for their excellent and prompt care.
100% Recommend. Great experience!
I rarely write reviews, but my visit at Heritage Endodontics was so easy that I am excited to write this one. I’ve had many root canals and can vouch for Dr. Coleman‘s practice. He has all of the state of the art equipment, to include endodontic microscopes, and the Gentle Wave, necessary to perform root canals at the highest level. His assistants were delightful and Dr Coleman was great with bedside manners. Thank you Heritage Endo! I hope I don’t ever need another root canal, but if I do, I know where I’m going.
Dr. Coleman and his staff were exceptional! They were helpful, very friendly and professional. I have another procedure coming up and I actually look forward to it being done! Thank you for such a pleasant experience.
Great experience,, staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for dental services
The staff here was SUPER friendly especially Ms. Amanda at the front desk, but that's just where it starts. Dr. Coleman and his assistant (sorry I forgot her name) are so nice and friendly. I went in for a root canal and they informed me what they were going to do every step of the way and he also kept me as pain free as possible. If I ever need endodontics work done again I know where to go.
Dr. Coleman and his staff were very welcoming and professional and did an amazing job making me feel comfortable!
From start to finish this place is AMAZING. The whole time they went above and beyond; answering questions, calling and texting with reminders, sending off pre authorization for Insurance.Dr Coleman was super informative while also walking you through every step and making sure to keep you pain free before and after the process. Thanks!
I went here for a root canal and I had a great experience! Staff was super friendly and talked me through the process. Very clean and welcoming environment.
Coleman is gentle and reassuring, with a positive and fun personality. Everyone there is great honestly! I'm hoping I won't ever need another root canal but I sure know where to go if I do!
I had a root canal at Heritage today. Dr. Coleman & his staff were great. I had a very comfortable ecpetience. I recommend them!!
Great place for endodontic work, very friendly and fairly priced!
Awesome place, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Dr. Coleman is great, he knows what he’s doing and has a great sense of humor. Made me feel comfortable. I wish I would’ve seen him in the first place for my root canal, it would’ve saved me money, time, and most importantly pain.
I'm absolutely terrified of dentists and any dental specialist. But I can say I never felt a thing while getting my root canal done. They even made me laugh on a few occasions. Wonderful people who actually care and more than willing to educate and answer questions. Its experiences like these that make going to see a dentist or specialist less nerve racking. Thank you all for what you do. And I learned what a tooth sleuth is.
Had my first root canal today. I went in several months ago with some tooth pain but neither my dentist or Dr. Coleman knew for sue what tooth was causing the issue. He encouraged me to wait to allow things to progress. I was happy with that as I wanted to make sure we knew what tooth was the culprit. They did an amazing job today. Both Dr Coleman and Kaitlin, his assistant, were great. Very nice people, kind, and considerate. They do excellent work. Could not have asked for a better experience. The receptionist, Ashdon, is very nice as well. Would highly recommend Heritage Endodontics for root canals and any other services they offer.
Dr. Coleman and staff were excellent! I drove over 2 hours due to insurance issues, and it was well worth the drive. I will definitely return if services needed again!
Dr. Coleman and entire staff displayed a high degree of professionalism and knowledge. I was very pleased with the experience and highly recommend Heritage.
I don’t even want to know how any other practice operates. The doctor and crew were all awesome. I highly recommend heritage.
A perfect experience. The entire staff is incredibly compassionate and considerate. My seven year old lost her permanent right front tooth in an accident and a dentist reset it. In our follow-up to the trauma, Dr. Coleman took time to practically address all of my concerns, as a father. The staff were super kid-friendly and treated me and my daughter with great care. Clearly, I wish that my daughter did not have a reason to go to an endotontist, but I am greatly relieved by the expertise and care at Heritage Endodontics. Don’t go anywhere else.
My name is Patrick and I had a bad fall at home that knocked out one of my teeth. My own dentist recommended Heritage Endodontics for my root canal and post placement for a later crown . At my appointment time, I was met by a thoroughly professional receptionist who helped me through the paperwork process. Then my nurse took me back and prepped me for the procedures. She was incredible! Then, Dr. Coleman came in, talked me through the entire process and answered all my questions. The two procedures didn't take that long and were so relatively painless that I almost fell asleep at one point. After finishing up, I went back up front and paid the receptionist. The staff at Heritage Endodontics are so friendly and professional! I highly endorse them!
great place for teeth to be fixed, caring and loving,considering, put people first,ladies work there is wonderful, and fun and caring, you won't go wrong going there they get the job done.
EXCELLENT & HONEST! Dr. Coleman is gentle and answers all questions satisfactorily. He helped me through a very painful accident and was able to save my teeth. He could have recommended root canals (how would I have known if I really needed it or not), but he did not rush to do this and allowed my teeth to heal. He decided that I did not need root canals. I will never go to another endodontist!
This was my root canal, and I was well cared for! If you need an endodontist, this is the place to go!
I have been here a few times and can already tell that everyone here is friendly and considerate of each patient. Dr. Coleman is a pleasant, intelligent person and I wouldn't go anywhere else for my teeth. He really makes a genuine effort to ensure that your teeth receive the appropriate treatment and he shares every detail. The staff is always friendly and welcoming. The office is nice and clean. Definitely the place to go if you need endodontic work done or evaluated.
I feel that there aren't enough people that review those who truly do a good job, so I want to do just that! I have been to Heritage Endodontics in Clarksville, TN twice now, the first time was for an evaluation and the second one for a root canal. I'll start first with the office. Office is CLEAN, modern and welcoming. You feel you are in a professionals hands the minute you walk into the facility. As for staff, very friendly and upbeat. They give you the time and attention you need and were outgoing and able to have a friendly conversation. Now, for Dr. Coleman, truly top notch! I've seen a lot of dentists, doctors, etc.. you get a feel for those who have been in their careers too long and those who are truly happy where they are at. Dr. Coleman Is extremely knowledgeable about his field, explains things as he goes along, is very interesting to listen to (can't talk a whole lot with your mouth open, so always nice when the doctor and assistant talking about something interesting!). After the procedures, he wasn't in a hurry to rush out of the room. I was able to chat with him a bit and that means a lot. I believe in building relationships, and I feel its what everyone should do, getting to know your patients/customers, and that is what Dr. Coleman does. He's got my 5 start rating across the board. Thank you Dr. Coleman for being the very thing needed in Dentistry or any other health service, Kind, Caring, Respectful!
First of all I just want to say my experience today was kind of fun !!!! which never happens usually at the denist no offense. Dr coleman and his staff is so personable and really fun to be around . That in it self just made it alot easier to feel comfortable . So I would definitely recommend them .
First time here on a new patient emergency visit, and I just can't brag enough on everyone at this office! From the moment that I first called to the very end, the entire staff was very warm, inviting and extremely professional! The office is immaculate and ambiance was very comforting. Dr.Coleman and his staff did an amazing job easing my fears and inducing my comfort level! Never once did I feel I was being rushed, even after my 101 questions! Dr. Coleman even returned my call himself after I left and had still another question for him! Bravo Heritage Endodontics, what an amazing experience! Very greatful to you all!
Dr.Coleman said it best , They try to make the best of an unfortunate situation and believe me they do. With him Rebecca and Liz on your side you can't go wrong. It's refreshing to know people that still take pride in their work. I will recommend them to everyone I know that finds themselves needing a root canal because they take the worry out of it right away. Thanks again !!!
Wonderful experience at the office, everything is clean and new, the staff is nice and experienced. Dr. Coleman is patient and compassionate. Highly recommend it to everyone.
I would refer ANYONE to Heritage Endodontics! I had mouth/tooth pain for over a year. I procrastinated getting it taken care of because of the expense. The dentist and staff were extremely attentive and friendly. The dentist tried a "conservative" approach first to save me some money but when that didn't work he had to do a root canal. Worth it! For the first time in over a year I can chew food on the left side of my mouth or drink whatever I want hot or cold without any pain. The staff and dentist were awesome throughout the entire process and they even called me (including the dentist himself) to see how I was feeling afterward. Couldn't imagine something so terrifying as a root canal going any better.
Dr. Coleman was very nice and took the time to explain things to me in detail and answered all of my questions. The office was clean and the assistants were friendly and personable. This office has definitely changed my opinion of root canals! Would recommend anyone to Heritage Endodontics!
Thanks to Dr. Coleman and his staff for taking exceptional care of me.

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